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ESG: Congress & Business Travel
Meeting Industry Sustainability Forum 2023

The Forum will be a unique opportunity to present and discuss practices that contribute to sustainable development in the meeting industry.

The aim of MISF is to create a platform where experts from different fields can exchange knowledge, experience and ideas on actions for a sustainable future of congresses and business travel.

We do not limit our invitation only to representatives of the tourism industry - we look forward to participation of business leaders who have great influence on shaping ESG strategies.

Our goal is to present Poland and the Region as the committed destination that takes concrete steps towards ESG.

Areas of discussion

Supporting electric or hybrid vehicles/ aircraft. Look for discussions on reducing carbon emissions and integrating sustainable transport systems into event logistics.

Areas of discussion

Eco-certifications for hotels and conference venues. Best sustainable accommodation practices, such as environmental impact, energy consumption, and waste management practices.

Areas of discussion

Diversity and inclusion within the congress and incentive travel program, sustainability performance of the event and its program as well as "meeting legacy".

Areas of discussion

Responsible destination selection, including factors like the destination sustainability initiatives and local community engagement.

Areas of discussion

Strategies for ensuring transparency and accountability in sustainability efforts. Discuss the reports that provide objective assessments of sustainability practices.

MISF 2023

21 November 2023

Arche Hotel Krakowska Warsaw, Poland

Corporate ESG managers
  • ESG managers
  • Marketing managers
  • HR managers
  • Business owners and members of board of directors
MICE solution providers
  • Hotel management
  • Airline representative / management
  • Mobility: land & water
  • Destination suppliers / organisations
Industry Partner
Polish Supply Management Leaders

Polish Supply Management Leaders(PSML) is a non-profit organization representing the interests of Polish supply, logistics and purchasing managers, working for the mission of building a European-wide supply chain competence center in Poland.

PSML is a forum for exchanging views, experiences and knowledge in the field of supply chain management and procurement. Working with partners from various environments, it creates and promotes good business practices and, in cooperation with universities and business, conducts intensive activities for the development of competences and human resources. PSML is a member of The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management and The European Logistics Association.

PSPA - Polish Alternative Fuels Association

The largest industry organization shaping the e-mobility and hydrogen technology market in Poland and in the CEE region We integrate leading brands from the entire e-mobility value chain. We build a community of vehicle and infrastructure producers, operators and providers of charging services, fuel and energy concerns and all other entities and institutions that are active in the field of sustainable transport. We associate over 250 companies, which makes us the second largest industry organization in Europe in terms of the number of associated legal entities. Together, we work to create an appropriate economic and legal environment that supports the dynamic development of zero- and low-emission technologies in transport. We are the biggest team of e-mobility experts and practitioners in Poland. With a team of consultants and trainers with specialist sector experience and knowledge gained in the industry, we undertake training, consultancy and expert projects. We cooperate with the industry, administration and the society. We provide knowledge and information, statistics and analyses that are crucial for business development.

Mazovia Convention Bureau

Mazovia Convention Bureau is a platform which integrates business, scientific and institutional partners in joint efforts to create products, improve service quality, and effectively attract events to the Mazovia Region.

Mazovia CB also works towards building the "Mazowsze" brand as a region with an innovative offer in the field of event organization. Both the mission and vision of the Mazovia Convention Bureau focus on acquiring events and all tasks carried out by the MCB are leading to an increase in the number of events such as conferences, congresses, corporate events, team-building, and motivational trips, trade shows, festivals and others, in which many participants will benefit from the services of local entrepreneurs.

Centre for Tourism Market Monitoring Foundation

The Centre for Tourism Market Monitoring Foundation was launched thanks to the initiative of four organisations uniting business owners in the domestic tourism sector, with participants coming from the individual, group, business, hotel and meetings sectors. The founding organisations of the CMRT are: - Polish Chamber of Tourism - The Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry - Stowarzyszenie Organizatorów Incentive Travel [Association of Incentive Travel Organisers] - Rada Przemysłu Spotkań i Wydarzeń TUgether [TUgether Meetings and Events Industry Council]

CMRT's vision and mission
The CMRT Foundation fosters honest and ethical business practises among the tourism industry’s operators by promoting compliance with the law, best industry practises and free market principles while ensuring the safety of customers. The mission of the CMRT is the professionalisation of the industry and the dissemination of good practices in the tourism services market, as well as supporting public authorities in their efforts to eliminate unlawful practices. The CMRT carries out its mission by monitoring the functioning of the market, uncovering irregularities, initiating changes in legislation and disseminating knowledge about tourism law that affects customer safety.

Responsible Business Forum

The Responsible Business Forum (Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu) is the largest and longest operating network of ESG and sustainability leaders in Poland. Their mission is to inspire and mobilize businesses to work towards sustainable development and creating community of companies that aspire to change the world through more responsible business practices. They are connecting people and organizations that have the courage and determination to bring positive social and environmental changes.

Polskie Stowarzyszenie ESG

Polskie Stowarzyszenie ESG is dedicated to advancing sustainable practices in Poland. Guided by ESG principles, they support sustainable development, corporate governance, employee well- -being and social responsibility. They provide knowledge on legal regulations, monitor legislative changes, analyze the latest market trends and data in sustainable development, to represent members in collaborative efforts to shape a business-friendly environment conducive to ESG development in Poland.

Media Partners
Operator of the Meeting Industry Sustainability Forum 2023
Travel Bidder Sp. z o. o.
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02-678 Warszawa, Poland
e-mail: contact@congressesg.com
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